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Workplace learning from the perspective of institutionalized learning (2005)
Pernille Bottrup, Bruno Clematide:
Workplace learning from the perspective of institutionalized learning
RWL4 2005

In this paper we address workplace learning from the perspective of providers of public continuing vocational training. We focus on the necessity of bringing aspects of the work structures that learners meet in their daily work, into the learning practices at the institutionalised learning site. We argue how important it is for successful learning, especially for the un-skilled and semi-skilled workers, that teachers understand what kind of work practices and work structures enhance or discourage learning at work, and how important it is that they are able to use this understanding in their way of encouraging learning processes of the learners. Lack of this understanding can make interplay between learning processes at schools and at working places difficult and complicate the learners’ transformation processes when crossing contexts.

A concept that has turned out to be useful in this respect is the concept of learning space developed by Bottrup.

The paper draws on and synthesizes experience from the research consortium Workplace Learning in the framework of Learning Lab Denmark (LLD). Download the paper here