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Supporting continuing professional development of in-company trainers (2014)

The aim of the study for Cedefop is to improve the understanding of policies and practice that support the quality of training in enterprises through the development and updating of in-company trainers competences in Europe.

To achieve this goal a thorough review of recent developments of policy and practice to develop competences of in-company trainers in the Member States (EU28) and a survey of employers and in-company trainers in 8 countries will be carried out. The countries in the study have been selected to represent different types of welfare states (coordinated, liberal, social-democratic, familaristic) and Lifelong Learning Systems, accounting for differences of training activities of firms.

To take sector differences into account potential sectors have been screened according to e.g. importance for economic recovery; high replacement skill needs; different labor market characteristics. Two sectors – within manufacturing and ser-vice - with high (motor vehicles and IT services) and low average training activities (construction along with hotels and restaurants) have been selected.

Kubix will carry out the study in Denmark. The selection of Danish companies will be made at random from companies approved for educating apprentices. The selection will furthermore be made to represent various company sizes (up to 250 employees) within each sector. The study will use the CATI method which entails a telephone interview (as means to fill out a questionnaire) with a manager and an in-company trainer from each chosen company. The research questions are outlined by 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH but linguistically adapted for the Danish interviews.