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Kompetenceudvikling, arbejdsorganisering og organisationsændringer

Erhvervsrettet uddannelse og samspil mellem arbejdspladser og udannelsesinstitutioner

Arbejdsmarked, fastholdelse, rummelighed og integration

Quality approaches in Learning and Training patterns in European small firms (2013-14)

The overall aim of the Cedefop study was to acquire a better understanding of the reasons and ways micro/small firms in Europe provide training / up-skilling to their employees and to formulate proposal on how best they could be supported in this field.

Kubix participated in a consortium with Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) gGmbH and Budapest University of Technology and Economics – BUTE. The consortium conducted interviews and cases in 29 countries in Europe. Kubix was in charge of the research and analyses in the Nordic countries.

The project comprised four phases:

  • Inception activities (fine-tuning methodology, quality plan, meetings etc)
  • Desk research (literature review, re-analysis of main statistical data sources and studies, workshop)
  • Field research (structured interview with national stakeholders, validation of country reviews and sectoral analysis, case studies)
  • Integration and recommendations (comparative analyses of country reports and sectoral analysis, in-depth analyses of the case studies, elaboration of recommendations)