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Wounded veterans - VeteranHaven

Groundbreaking new methods for helping wounded soldiers and veterans in VeteranHaven
Elina Lundberg, MA, PhD sensorial-medical anthropology (/Copenhagen University), Associate Professor and fellow (/Aarhus University) - is engaged in the process of scientific study and evidence-based documentation of the new PTSD strategic methods in VeteranHaven. VeteranHaven – is a new place for wounded soldiers and veterans exclusively run by the wounded and injured veterans themselves. All personnel are engaged in building groundbreaking new methods for helping veterans in Denmark. But thus far the work and methods in VeteranHaven has been unregistered and undocumented. Lundberg's preliminary investigation suggested the potential of achieving extraordinary health convalescing and social recovering results for the veterans. Lundberg now executes an in-depth scientific exploration and develop evidence-based documentation of the activities and operative approaches in VeteranHaven. These are explored, mapped and documented through Lundberg’s anthropological, action-research scientific conduct.

The primary objectives for the study is to demonstrate and document why, when and how

  • VeteranHaven’s health and social interventions work and
  • have sustainable impact in improving the conditions for veterans

The study will track, chart and monitor the veterans’ moving into VeteranHaven, the activities and processes through and the roads ahead from VeteranHaven. The study explores: How PTSD disease categories are articulated and perceived – and will identify when new, invented working concepts and notions of injury and PTSD appear. How these new notions help in the framing and encouraging of alternate health-social initiatives and approaches of healing and improving conditions or circumstances of the wounded veterans.

The research objectives of mapping the new approaches will focus on the concrete, everyday life and meanings of being a wounded soldier and veteran – and will follow three principal matters of life, each running a directional itinerary of life: (1) the existential, (2) the social and (3) the citizen future scenario/prospects. These involves (1) finding a trustworthy and believable way back to life (often in spite of severe suicidal compelling impulse), (2) finding stable and secure ways to live and socially function and interact with other people and in public - and (3) finding the inner path of building courage and strength to manage to follow the track to get ahead in life, education and / or work life.

The success criteria for the preferred research method – an interactive collaboration between researcher and VeteranHaven’s operational practices – will secure the usability of data and development of practical activities in the future for VeteranHaven. The research, the empirical data, analysis and documentation is continuously applied in VeteranHaven’s activities, testing and development of measures and practices. The future prospect is to contribute to the dissemination of the methods that proves efficient and successful - also for the benefit of other social and health institutions dealing with wounded soldiers and veterans.