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Kubix works with working life issues:

  • Competency development, work organization and organizational change
  • Vocational education and the interplay between enterprises and training institutions
  • Labour market - maintaining, embracing and integrating work force

    Kubix focuses on competence development and learning processes in working life. Based on an industrial sociology approach, our consultancy and analyses are founded on a solid knowledge of the internal life and procedures in an enterprise. We find the work functions and work function analyses central in understanding which qualifications employees need in their working life. In addition, we also work with more subjective perspectives of competence development related to the individual employee.

    The integration of analysis and development are imbedded in every project undertaken by Kubix. We work according to a process orientated approach always focusing on the implementation and anchoring of results and experiences obtained. Close collaboration with clientele and main stakeholders is crucial in this process. Our services include cross cutting projects involving various organizations and trades as well as separate projects for individual workplaces. We undertake: development projects, assessments, reviews, method development, sparring, coaching and communication within the following areas:

    Competency development, work organization and organizational change
    Kubix deals with worklife learning. Our practice is founded on solid insight into the life of public institutions and enterprises. In our perception, competency development is closely linked to the work organization and the learning space provided at the workplace. The inception of learning activities is valid only if employees get the opportunity to utilize the acquired competences in everyday practice. For effective competency development to take place it is necessary that a defined learning space is provided at the workplace in order to have the acquired competences come into play. Much competency development remains individual at the workplace. For these reasons, Kubix emphasize aspects of organizational learning placing knowledge sharing at the core of every intervention.

    Vocational education and the interplay between enterprises and training institutions
    Kubix is involved in developing vocational training plans. The relationship between work, competences and education is at the centre of our work with educational institutions, educational committees and other stakeholders in the field of educational planning. A central idea of ours is the creation of stronger linkages between institutionalized learning and workplace learning. Such linking implies that external vocational education is perceived meaningful by the employee in everyday work practice. Another implication is that employees are given the opportunity to utilize his or her acquired qualifications while also being supported to transfer and develop them in their daily work.

    Labour market - maintaining, embracing and integrating work force
    Which opportunities exist for work places wishing to integrate employees with a slightly differing background? How can the competences of senior staff be utilized most efficiently and pave the way for continuous involvement of senior staff at the workplace? How are good working conditions enforced at the workplace in order to prevent stress and reduce absence caused by illness? How is social responsibility transformed into daily practice at the workplace? Questions of this kind are imperative to our work as consultants at Kubix.