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Consultant: Elina Lundberg


Telefone:+45 3341 1702 / 7170 1104

My general tasks as a researcher, analyst and process consultant at Kubix is focused on inclusion, operational strategies of practicing inclusion and the building of new information, data and knowledges - whether concerning vulnerable children or the invisible wounded PTSD soldiers and veterans.

Wounded veterans - VeteranHaven

My cultural and social anthropology training influence and mould the way I perform, employ and cooperate. The participant-observation fieldwork methods secure an bottom-up approach in implementing new policies, ideas and ideals – in the joint venture of building effective everyday practices and constructing ways of making policies and strategies work.

My experience in the field of inclusion is obtained from e.g. mentoring projects and different kinds of NGO/municipal/local/regional/state efforts with vulnerable children and youth at risk in public school institutions, Danish 'efterskole' and 'højskole', or designing implementing-strategies, supervisor-methods (professionals) and narrative motivational approaches (children and youth). My doctorate on life and living with blind condition also involved the constructive beneficial of inclusion - besides the wide range of obvious problematic and challenging dilemmas of inclusion. Both of which affected the children, young and adults as well as the blind-professionals.

I’m a trained anthropologist and has achieved my Ba, Ma and PhD from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.