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Bruno Clematide


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Director: Bruno Clematide


Telefone:+45 3341 1707 / 4010 1711

Besides being a founding member of Kubix, I am director and consultant. For several years I have worked with workplace learning and development, qualification assessments, development of vocational training and work organization and in particular the interplay between workplace learning and public vocational training.

At Kubix we highlight the need to involve employees in every development process and the importance of dialogue between management and employees. In this regard, it is crucial to me that all perspectives of employees and management of the organization in question are put forward and developed upon.

It is our firm belief that educational changes - be it the development of new educations, updating existing or closing obsolete ones – have to take their starting point in the current work life scenario. This is why we prioritize work life analysis rather than assessments of the educational system whenever we suggest how public vocational training is enhanced most efficiently.

I find it fruitful to be associated with relevant research areas related to working life and have been member of the research consortium Workplace Learning under Learning Lab Denmark. I am also external examiner at a number of educational institutions.

Lic.phil in Sociology.